Commissioned Pencil Drawings and Prints Available

About the Artist


Carly Davis began drawing in 2005 on a family trip to Lake Powell.  She tried to replicate a birthday card of a cowgirl, was surprised by her abilities, and now it has evolved into what you see today.  She enjoys portraying cowboys and the western way of life through her pencil drawings.  She does custom drawings of any genre from photographs.  Many of her current drawings are from photos she took while working on a cattle ranch in Wyoming. She is from Golden, Colorado and graduated from Colorado State University in 2008 with a double degree in Agricultural Business and Equine Science. In addition to drawing, she is a horse trainer and is training and giving riding lessons in Golden.  She always says God gave her the talent for two starving professions, but between the two of them she is making it work.  You can visit her drawing website at  She hopes you enjoy her work.

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